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Is a move to Norristown in your future? The team here at Ace Relocation Services handles many residential and commercial moves here, the county seat of Montgomery County. Located in the Philadelphia metropolitan area and situated along the Schuylkill River, we enjoy working in scenic Norristown. As a result, we know the shortcuts to get you to your destination. We know how long the moves will take. We know how to navigate the neighborhoods and main roads to result in a fast, efficient move no matter the size.

Our team is licensed, bonded, and insured, so rest assured you’re getting the best experience possible. In fact, Ace Relocation Services has vast experience moving families, singles, and couples just like you into and out of Norristown PA, population 34,000, with competitively priced, honest services.

5 Services We Offer

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Long-Distance Moves

Any move that crosses state lines is a whole new ball game. There are more miles involved, which means your belongings are going further and need to be properly packed – even more securely than quick moves. Because we are skilled in long-distance moves, you can rest assured we pack your items carefully as well as coordinate all the complicated logistics. We:

  • Will wrap and pad your fragile items
  • Will bag your mattresses
  • Will reload all inventory onto an 18-wheeler to make the interstate trip

Local Moves

We know local moves, to be sure, but we also go above and beyond to assist you in planning ahead for building requirements, such as those regarding elevator use and parking regulations. We complete most of our local moves the same day so you can begin your new life in no time.  But don’t worry if you have a bigger than usual local move. We’ll put our best and biggest crew on it so it’s still managed in a day.

Cleanouts/Junk Removal

Why pay to move junk you no longer need? And why bring all that junk to the dump or to your curb when you can have us do it for you? All you have to do is let us know what you want gone and we’ll make it disappear forever. Here’s what we handle:

  • Whole house cleanouts for estate moves and foreclosures
  • Apartments
  • Commercial projects such as offices
  • Construction clean-up
  • Residential junk before or after a big move

Residential Moves

From condos to single families, we handle residential moves every day of the week. Because we do them so often, we run like a well-oiled machine, driven by a proven track record of excellence when it comes to fast, affordable residential relocations. You have a family to take care of: let us take care of you!

Corporate/Commercial Moves

A corporate move is more challenging that a home move. There’s more coordination involved, more logistics and more moving pieces. We can ensure a successful, well-run move thanks to our team experienced in all manner of commercial moves. We know you have a lot of electronics, equipment, conference room furniture and file cabinets to move, so don’t hesitate to partner with us when you need to move your office, store or other facility.

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